Lostsaga Hero Devil

Posted by: | Posted on: September 28, 2013

Lord of hell, evil spirit, called the Devil, Lucifer, hell horyeong was suddenly attacked by the devil receives. Lucifer had to miss the nonggan away, avatar destroyed the power of the evil forces in the recovery and reconstruction of hell is spilled. Lucifer, who regained power in order to revenge this time Michael and the angels to the devil, and the devil will attack barge. Recovery and reconstruction of power still has not finished the body of the devil minute defeat to Michael and hell are cast into brimstone. Lucifer and Michael, although one body, but two times to defeat evil and restore the power to launch attacks into heaven. Given at the end of a long battle with the devil face to face and D to move, found the door to the door of the given dimensions of the ttadolrimyeo flies. Dimensional demons do not enter the door to the devil for a given reaction of the wounded while attacking dimension to the movement and looked up the spirit WAN odd hair style keeps complaining that a human being will see. The Devil buljiok, Metamorphosis, soul sealed, focuses on summoning bat is used.

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