Lostsaga hero dragon slayer


Dragon Slayer is born a child of a poor local notables. Jalnagadeon once humble family, but the family is now. Not all the time to abandon the vain splendor parents to borrow money to buy a luxury gambling and missing. Dragon Slayer eventually bankrupt was a distant relative of the quantum of money being sent. The new house was very strict, but that is floating in a lonely place for Dragon Slayer Sword was the only friend and comfort. Dragon Slayer sword had a talent not sound like a noble sincerity was 18 years old when the chief articles of the graduate school admission to senior Translation Then join the Knights of the future may be flat, as it seemed to be. Dragon Slayer twenty million gambling debt of the real parents are getting money for gold was found wateuna creditors that there was no way to pay back the money. Looking for ways to get out of paying the dragon warrior and dragon recruits to see the announcement that the resource has been laid. Dragon to hold gold and gems, and sell the dragon’s Pina Leather paying off debt than enough money could be. Palace in the capital and neighboring countries invaded and burned treasure hunt to catch the end occupied with the Dragon Slayer Dragon moved to the capital of the neighboring countries. Everything is ruined already bloated state was melted began to hunt dragons. More powerful than the dragon did not think it was easy or not relative. Kill all the dragons are all huge shout to be heard at the moment of relief while troops surrounded it. The vanguard of the employer who has had to hire a Dragon Slayer, he was the true nobility of neighboring countries. Tired of fighting dragons hunt and kill all stages of the Kingdom of the Dragon Slayer you want to take up the treasure it was built crafty ruse. Bain fell on their swords just before the state accounted for treasure amid the struggling parents like to hear the voice began. Mothers and fathers, but also stuck a knife in the shooting of Dun heard laughter. October is still stunned and Dragon Slayer. Dragon Slayer was stunned woke up. In fact, that is where the inner world of the Dragon Slayer. Dragon Slayer Dragon was puzzled appeared dead ahead. And want to avenge the dead dragon in the world began to ask whether. Dragon Slayer verge of losing the memory of the spirit tteoolrimyeo decided in a rage and revenge. Dragon and the Dragon’s soul to the body to absorb matgigo began. Get the power of the Dragon Slayer Dragon began revenge. Breath of the Dragon Slayer blinking back furious shoot everything and keep getting revenge began inflicting terror.


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