Lostsaga Hero Dragon Nest Assassin

Posted by: | Posted on: January 14, 2015

Dragon Nest Assassin was a common boy. I like to joke around with friends and hang out in the mountains and in the valleys and villages here and there with friends and tending was naughty. One day, friends, and the town was going to naseodeon. A woman with a man chased a herd suddenly goblins and pure white hair appeared in front of the Dragon Nest Assassin. A man was beaten to death with arrows seemed to whole body was screaming woman watching man say. Suddenly, a man came up wake up, eyes to the darkness jimyeo lost their minds. I had been hacked senses seemed to die herds Goblin Goblin Dragon Nest Assassin sonen of blood was muteo. I asked how yinyago days approached the girl’s pure white hair. Sybil of pure white hair is honesty! She just can malman illusion that made Dragon Nest that contains the body of an unknown assassin words and time-shifted. Once Prairie Dragon Nest Assassin, go to the nearest town of town, you could not turn away from the Dragon Nest Assassin hole down which was always looked after the village headman gave Rose has been kidnapped granddaughter heard the story of the village headman. Roger went to look for such selfish and meet Roger’s time to move the day before, the time starts to run wild mix. Woke up again, this time moving from jjotdeon the Rose Black Knight met on the spot seemed to casually exploring the Dragon Nest Assassin. Suddenly one of dwijjotdeon again to save Roger had lost consciousness in the body, which was sticking out of someone. Dragon Nest Assassin frequently cross the past and the future was confused. Portrait of a woman named Elena’s red eyes Dark Elf kidnapped Then watching the Rose of the Dragon Nest Assassin is called Illusion started the ahneuncheok. Dragon Nest Assassin is hard to believe that cross the past and the future situation… Can obtain the granddaughter of the mayor Roger is what does that? And what is the identity of the Dragon Nest Assassin?

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