Lostsaga Hero Project K

Question of pain in vivo under laboratory specimens and live day-to-day experience was hell. Then the meantime, experimental specimens obtained by using the power to try to escape from the lab … I managed to escape just before with little success, the test specimens the body as a side effect of many thorns sprout no longer be referred to as a normal person is no longer a figure to make matters worse, his appearance is no time to despair, to Jersey Institute of specimens due to crowd congestion side effects to the body simhaejyeo abandoned reason is lost. While the loss of reason, the Institute of Laboratory specimen was destroyed by an explosion, and life-threatening batjiman Finish dimensional gates open and came into the world is the Lost Saga. Excessive congestion due to blast off natjiman developer of dying K specimens were rescued with the help of the life of the project under the name K K, the developer of Lost Saga as pawns to prove their reason for existence will be charged with several mercenaries . Hell Sting, Sting is a stub, Madness, which focuses on using peksyeon to subdue an opponent.


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