lostsaga heros battle monk


Born in a poor family and childhood, boys were sent section, formally entered the Buddhist ahnigie it, be accepted as secular disciples, and for that reason happens to be bullied to death. Non-accidentally find dodge cave, the priest was doing before he died alone in the left mugongseo discover and start to polish. Ignore his death was significantly higher than the skills, but rather because the day of death was given more hated the boy is trapped in jail framed. When you are sad in jail, a boy came to fulfill the priest moderator boys cloth is pulled out. Arrived at the end of a hard time cloth I have ever heard of the doctrine of the Buddha is located in ecstasy Whole of the universe, and when traveling through an unknown boy by force, Lost Saga will be immersed in the world. Advancing to attack the continuous Kongo nahansu, explosion groups maenghochulrim around by hitting, kicking forward to gamyeo lightning fly, front dash, hitting the target and blow up enemy targets on the back of the book focuses on Tung-by is used.


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