Lostsaga Heros Anubis

Posted by: | Posted on: August 1, 2014

Set for revenge to the deaths of hundreds of people who filled the verdant plains filled pitmul meogeumeo turned to red as the ongoing fighting in bloody rich Nile has changed. Survivors suffering from hunger live As more people have more than a dead man opened the gates of hell. You killed my father set to kill, but do not let them in anger because the yiruji coming up. But faith in God to give all people are dead set to destroy a set together the pieces of a father who killed his father, while the resurrection of the aspirations enshrined in the pyramid scored. Incomplete, but the desire of your system, as the duck has risen father, father to help you bring the dead Usher has claim to the role. Attacks all enemies in front of the sand waves, making the opponent mummified mummy’s curse, the blessing of limbo state or causing around, attacking enemies than the state is used as the main cause of disaster.

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