Lostsaga hero succubus

Posted by: | Posted on: August 1, 2014

Was living in a small town boy who sleep toxic. Be 180 degrees different from the boy’s day-to-day encounter darkness as in a dream, the boy sleeps. Chose the boy was no talent in the selection of talent and the power of darkness, and the darkness has granted the unusual ability to roam around in other people’s dreams to a boy. The boy attended many of these dreams have been put on the Pope’s dream and face the ugly look on the other side of the Pope. Pope hide the evil spirits that their appearance is back jjotge the boy. To by the spirits of darkness coming after the at bay molrija … boy. Asking you to give extraordinary powers to the dark. The boy who has been granted the power of the nightmare was still roam the dreams of others. Aura to lure the opponent to launch a regular recovery skills after the catch the periodical explosions, relative to emit an explosion in front of the regular temptation, regular absorption absorption, used rare mercenary Drifting body, bondage, bondage whip the front of the target used rare mercenary.

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