January, 2014

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Lostsaga Hero Fire Imp

Fire Imp adalah Hero bertipe Melee. Fire Imp dikenal sebagai Kaisar Hwanung dari negara Taebaek. Di saat perang dia mengorbankan hidupnya sendiri untuk mempertahankan Negaranya.
Beginning Emperor Hwanung the founding of the country to the Taebaek take three goblins descended. But the other three goblins did not receive a call there was a goblin. Imp Hwanung hard to prepare for war, people were raising power, his power is honed. In the meantime, war, sacrificed his own life you to save received Hwanung, the attack of the enemy was sent to the state fireworks. The pity him here Hwanung Lost Saga has been sent to the world live in the world, such was the power of God doesalryeonae mothayeo. Been cut to pieces swung transformed into a will-o’-the-wisp attack after a fast start, hitting his target to bring the flame to the chloride, prints, destruct attack, the enemy by summoning a small fire imp applying jigwi, gold blocked to hit the enemy a number of focused use a proximity-type mercenaries.  

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Lostsaga heros desperado

Badlands Outlaw Desperado … After the war, out of the Chi lovers and happy days bonaedeon of lovers by the gang will be lost. Was to bear his revenge on the gang world lose everything. His angry lovers revenge for one gang devastated sikyeotjiman that is aware of the fact that part of the Meet the twins go to find the other chapters for multiple larger.Relative to planting a bomb in the body hitting the TNT, fired a total of 360 in the direction of the spin shot, Rapid shot up into the air, catches the target area to fire indiscriminately, to use the remote to focus on the target drive shot put a powerful barragemercenary.

[Skill Hero]

Hero Type : Range
Rank : Maj Class 1

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Lostsaga rare gear : Golden Angel Costume,Phoenix Circlet, Golden Angel Wing

Golden Angel Costume Phoenix Circlet  Golden Angel Wing
Type : Armor
Type : Helmet
Type : Aksesoris